Sauna Tour

When you have limited time but you are eager to try and test almost the all saunatypes in Finland, Saunatour is your thing!

Saunatour is amazing product invented by nine women in Kuusamo. We have nine companies working together in Saunatour, and we have total of 9 different sauna's. We tailor made THE Saunatour for your group. We take into notice your wishes and your timetable. There can be two, three, four or all nine in Your tour! Jump in to sauna adventure with ice sauna, smoke sauna and traditional wood heated sauna with warm jacuzzi! 

In these sauna's there are nice lounge area's where to relax, it is not only the saunas, but surroundings, silence, feeling... This is really worth to try.

We move by bus with sauna during the Saunatour! We have a nice bathropes on us and we can enjoy saunasnacks in the bus.

Please, contact us if you want to have an offer for the tour you wish to have!

Take a look our brochure and video below

Sauna tour video
Sauna tour video
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