Reindeer sleigh ride to search the Northern lights

You will arrive to reindeer farm established in 1920. Same family is still owning the farm. Reindeer
herders and reindeer are waiting for you. There will be two person at one sleigh and reindeer herder will
take you with reindeer through the snowy forests. You will have a peaceful and easy going ride for 1,5
km to eternal spruce forest. If you are lucky you can even see the Northern Lights dancing in the sky! When
you come back to the campfire you will enjoy reindeer sausages and coffee / tea by the fire. During the
campfire you will hear stories about the life of the reindeer and reindeer herder. Duration about 3 hours.

Price 169€ / adult , child under 12 years -40%
Duration 3 hours
Min. group size 6 adults
Price incl. Transfers from Kuusamo or Ruka. Winter clothing, program at the reindeer farm and snacks by the campfire.