Sauna yoga ® Wellbeing from the Finnish Sauna

After an active day outside it is good to end up the day in a relaxing and gentle program made in the warmth of sauna. Pampering warmth and gentle seated exercises help relieve tensions and calm the mind.

Sauna Yoga series is a 30-minute exercise that consists of six poses all done seated on a sauna bench in a temperature of about 50 degrees Celsius.

Sauna Yoga boosts metabolism, reduces stress and helps you sleep better. This is the gentle first touch to a Finnish sauna. For outfit you need bathing suit or short sleeves clothes.

  • Aivoriihi sauna, traditional wood heated sauna for 30 persons
  • Iisakki’s lakeside sauna, traditional wood heated sauna for 15 persons
  • Kontiosauna, 15 persons
  • Our accommodation’s, Majatalo Ruka’s and Luppolinna’s saunas for 8 persons.
Price 4-8 persons €29/person
8-15 persons €25/person
Duration 30 min hour
Min. group size 4 adults
Price incl. Price includes an authorized instructor of Saunayoga, waterbottles and finally a refreshing juice.