Finnish Sauna & Wellbeing

Welcome to experience the authentic Finnish Sauna with us! Ruka Safaris has several saunas and get-together places for groups of all sizes to spend an evening.

We recommend IISAKKI'S TRADITIONAL SAUNA for groups under 24 persons. Iisakki's lakeside sauna has been awarded with the Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience certificate, and chosen as Visit Finland's TOP25 star products for wellbeing as part of Saunatour.

Our AIVORIIHI-SAUNA is suitable for groups with 30 persons and KONTIOSAUNA for the evenings in the restaurant Kontioluola. PAPIN SAUNA is suitable for small groups or as an extra sauna for bigger groups in Iisakki's sauna. Iisakki's traditional sauna and Aivoriihi-sauna include an outdoor jacuzzi. Saunas are located in Iisakki Village, 6km from Ruka.

Wellbeing is an important part of Finnish sauna experience. You can add Saunayoga or Saunapilates into your sauna evening. Saunayoga combines quietness of Finnish sauna and six simple yoga moves which relax and strenghten your body. In saunapilates we focus on strenghtening the body with pilates techniques. Temperature in the sauna for saunayoga and pilates is 50 degrees Celcius.

Ask also for massages and body treatments to be included in your sauna experience. Treatments are executed in cooperation with Ruka Green Pavilion.

You can also order wild food sauna snacks and meals to complete your sauna experience.


Saunayoga is a 30-minute exercise based on different yoga styles and practised in a sauna heated to approximately 50 C degrees.


Great combination of activity, relaxation & delicious Finnish dinner.


Traditional wood heated log sauna where you may enjoy the aroma of tender smoke and soft steam.



Papin sauna is a good choice for a relaxing sauna moment for overnight guests of Papin Talo or small sauna groups 



Kontiosauna is the warm heart of the Kontioluola. In the sauna there can be 15 persons at the same time.

Category: Wellbeing

Iisakki Village's nature and surroundings offers unique wellbeing and relaxing programmes.


When you have limited time but you are eager to try and test almost the all saunatypes in Finland, Saunatour is your thing!


Category: Wellbeing

Step in the traditions of Finland and find the super wild food from the nature!


Huskysafari, sauna and 3 course -dinner in the same program!


Nice combination of outdoor exercise and relaxation in 50 degrees celcius sauna.

Open start on Sundays at 16.30.


Iisakki’s traditional lakeside sauna – award winning authentic Finnish sauna experience by the lake Rukajärvi


Wellbeing for your back! Saunapilates focuses on body posture and preventing back problems.


Saunatour, the ultimate experience in the arctic wilderness!