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- Dutch partner with long experience and direct flights from Amsterdam to Kuusamo (Ruka) Airport.





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Brum Adventure

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Russian partner with the vast experience in organization of automobile events, travel activities, test drives in Russia and Europe.

From 12-th to 15-th of February, 2015 Brum Adventure Company held an ice driving event in Ruka, Lapland, Finland.

The Group flew to the airport in Kuusamo and was delivered to the ski resort Ruka, which is located near the Arctic Circle. Ruka was acknowledged the best ski resort in Finland at the ceremony of World Ski Awards in 2013. After check-in at the Hotel Rantasipi Rukahovi which is the best ski hotel in Finland according to the same ceremony, participants got a rich and unforgettable evening entertainment program elaborated and carried out jointly by Brum Adventure and Ruka Safaris companies.
The group made an unforgettable adventure by new snowmobiles Ski Doo along specially prepared courses through the snow-covered forests and lakes. Snowmobile trip ended with a traditional Finnish herbal sauna where organizers prepared Scandinavian snacks, branded Finnish beer, ice hole in a pristine lake and warm Jacuzzi under the stars. At the restaurant close by the sauna at the cozy and unconstrained atmosphere participants tasted a traditional Lappish dinner.
Next two days were dedicated to winter extreme driving training on ice. The training took place at the specially prepared ice circuits at a lake on new cars BMW xDrive M series of different model lines. The training was conducted by experienced trainers, active sportsmen, and winners of international championships, led by 4- times World Rally champion Juha Kankkunen. Both days ended with competitions and the participants were awarded diplomas and prizes.
In the final evening the group had a gala dinner in a restaurant on the top of the Ruka Peak where you can see a gorgeous view.
All participants were satisfied with the high quality of training, got unforgettable impressions from several days spent in stunning location among the snowy forests and lakes of the North-East part of Finland!

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