Full day rafting adventure

A full day rafting adventure where we combine the family route and great rapids. Duration of the day is about 9-10 hours including transfers from Ruka.

Program starts from Käylä and ends to Jelestimä, near by Russian border line. On the way we also stop for a delicious soup lunch by the campfire. To participate in this safari you need to be at least 18 years old and in reasonably good physical condition.

Activities starts from our Safari Centre in Ruka (address: Rukarinteentie 1). We will pickup your group from the accommodation in Ruka area.
Reservations from the sales office by email or phone.

Price 135 € / person
Duration 9-10 hours
Min. group size minimum 4 adults in the group.
Valid 1.6 - 30.9
Price incl. supplies, outfit and liability insurance.
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