Wild food dinner

Adventurous day is good to end with tasty local wild food. Traditional menu includes local fish, mushrooms, berries and game (e.g. elk or reindeer). Traditional surroundings of Iisakki Village offers also the unique settings for the dinner. Dinner is normally served at restaurant Iisakki’s house. We can also spice up your dinner with a small lesson of Finnish language.

Activities starts from our Safari Centre in Ruka (address: Rukarinteentie 1). We pickup your group from the accommodation in Ruka area. We can also arrange accommodation and full board for your group.
Reservations from the sales office by email or phone.

Price 55 € / person
Duration Duration about 3 hours
Min. group size Minimum 6 adults in the group.
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Ruka Safaris, sales

Rukarinteentie 1, 93830 Rukatunturi, FINLAND

Iisakki Village Reception

Myllylahdentie 4, 93830 Rukatunturi, FINLAND

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