Iisakki Village

You are very welcome to Iisakki Village where there is something to do for every day of the year! 

What is Iisakki Village?

Iisakki Village is a reproduction of old Rajala courtyard from Paanajärvi village (about 50km to east) which was left to the Russian side of the border after II World war. By building  Iisakki Village we keep alive the memory of the Paanajärvi area. There was 32 buildings in the original Rajala courtyard and we have already built 21 of them here in Iisakki Village. For example: new reception building, restaurant Iisakin Talo, lakeside sauna, wedding shed, country barn and accommodation buildings: Papin Talo and Alina’s Tupa.

This area is not a museum. Inside the old style surroundings we have all the modern day amenities. We provide activities around the year, serve food and host events. Iisakin Talo was the main building of the original courtyard. Now it serves our customers as a restaurant and cosy meeting place. There are seats for 50 persons to dine in Iisakin Talo. 

We have accommodation for over hundred people in Iisakki Village. By the Rukajärvi-lake stands Alinan Tupa cottage for 10 persons and 3-store Papin Talo for 32 persons. 800m from the Village we have Villa Rukan Huurre for 28 people and luxurious Luppolina cottage for 34 people. Some of the accommodation places are also suitable for conferences.

After various activities it’s nice to enjoy traditional Finnish sauna. Iisakki’s lakeside sauna has room for 20 people at a time and the fireplace room and shower area can hold other 20 people. There’s also outdoor Jacuzzi by the sauna.

Winter Village

Every winter we build Iisakki's Winter Village entirely out of snow. Winter Village opens in new years time every year and offers accommodation in snow igloos. It is a unique experience to lay down on the reindeer skins in a warm sleebing bag on the beds made of ice. Silence, fresh air and warm sleeping bag quarantee you a good nights sleep.

With car we are only 10 minutes from Ruka Willage center or 20 minutes from Kuusamo town center.

Category: Restaurants

Welcome to a restaurant hidden deep in the forest, only open for special occasions.

Category: Restaurants

Cozy restaurant in the heart of Iisakki Village. 

Category: Restaurants

Step into a warm and cosy teepee hut, this building has the atmosphere of old traditions and Finnish culture.


Luppolinna offers high-level accommodation for groups. There are 12 twin rooms each equipped with showers and toilets.

Wilderness Hotel Papin Talo is located in beautiful country side by the lake Rukajärvi.

New amazing glass villas are part of Iisakki Village. Location by lake Rukajärvi, in beautiful nature surroundings. From glass villas you may observe the surrounding nature and phenomenon such as northern lights or nightless night.

In the Iisakki Village camping area in Ruka Kuusamo offer beautiful place to spend a night with camper/caravan or stay in nice cottage. Nature surroundings and lots of activities will make this place worth of staying. 

Papin talo’s great old logs cover up modern accommodation facilities. These apartments are a great accommodation destination for individuals and families.

Alina’s House is a romantic log house on the shore of lake Rukajärvi.

Semi-detached house Villa Rukan Huurre has two beautiful chalets that provide accommodation for 10 persons each. These chalets are connected with a covered porch.

New Iisakki Guest house is located in the heart of Iisakki Village and offers beautiful accommodation in four double rooms  

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