Iisakki Village

Iisakki Village is a holiday village located by the lake of Rukajärvi, in Kuusamo Finland. This holiday village offers beautiful country side environment with nowadays facilities. Village is a copy of old country-yard which is nowadays located in Paanajärvi in Russia. Original village was owned by Mr. Iisakki Rajala and there fore our village is named after him. In the original Iisakki Rajala's country-yard there was 30 buildings for the whole family and animals to live. Our village in Iisakki Village consist now 2o buildings but our aim is to build the village up to 30 buildings as the original was. Most of  the Iisakki Village buildings are old and removed and rebuild to their future location. Iisakki Village offers all the needed services for unforgettable holiday:  restaurant Iisakin Talo, different type of accommodation, saunas and activities.


Iisakki Village offers accommodation for over 100 persons in different kind of units: northern light & scenery villas, Wilderness hotel Papin Talo & Papin Talo apartments, Alinan Tupa cottage, Iisakki Guest house, camping site & summer cottages. Walking distance from the main village are also located big Luppolinna lodge and Villa Rukan Huurre cottages. In winter time we also have snow igloos to spend unforgettable arctic experience.

iisakki village camping

We have 20 pitches for camper cars and caravans with nice facilities to stop for night or two or the whole week. We also have area for tents to camp at the camping site. Camping site is open in summer time (May - October).


Iisakki Village offers also wide setting of activities. Transportation to Ruka Safaris activities is always included from Iisakki Village and some of the activitites you may start directly from the village. In summer time you can use sup boards, canoes, rowing boat and bicycles free of charge and in winter you can rent snowshoes, skis, fatbikes and other equipment from our reception. 

restaurant, meetings & saunas

Iisakin Talo restaurant offers nice home made food. All the food we serve is local and prepared by Finnish style. Iisakin Talo restaurant is open in summer season 20.June - 22.September daily between 17 - 22 (kitchen 21).  Other times we are open by prereservation. You may book your accommodation with dinner in advance and also private dinners are possible. We arrange also meeting events in the village. And if you have not heard this before; the best decisions are always made in the Finnish sauna! 


You can arrange different kind of events also in Iisakki Village. We can arrange big team building programs, company celebrations, weddings, sauna events etc. Only imagination is the limit. Please ask an offer for your event from our sales office!

You are very welcome to Iisakki Village where there is something to do for every day of the year! 

Category: Restaurants

Welcome to a restaurant hidden deep in the forest, only open for special occasions.

Category: Restaurants

Step into a warm and cosy teepee hut, this building has the atmosphere of old traditions and Finnish culture.


Category: Restaurants

Cozy restaurant in the heart of Iisakki Village. 

Luppolinna offers high-level accommodation for groups. There are 12 twin rooms each equipped with showers and toilets.

Wilderness Hotel Papin Talo is located in beautiful country side by the lake Rukajärvi.

New amazing glass villas are part of Iisakki Village. Location by lake Rukajärvi, in beautiful nature surroundings. From glass villas you may observe the surrounding nature and phenomenon such as northern lights or nightless night.

Iisakki Village camping area in Ruka Kuusamo offers a beautiful place to spend a night with camper/caravan or stay in nice cottage. Nature surroundings and lots of activities will make this place worth of staying. 

Papin talo’s great old logs cover up modern accommodation facilities. These apartments are a great accommodation destination for individuals and families.

Alina’s House is a romantic log house on the shore of lake Rukajärvi.

Semi-detached house Villa Rukan Huurre has two beautiful chalets that provide accommodation for 10 persons each. These chalets are connected with a covered porch.

New Iisakki Guest house is located in the heart of Iisakki Village and offers beautiful accommodation in four double rooms  

New Iisakin Portti - chalet

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