Meetings for 2-250 persons

Arranging a meeting at Ruka Safaris comes with ease. Wether you would like to have a meeting in one of our private restaurants, cottages or in the middle of the forest, we can make it happen.  Our forest restaurant Kontioluola is the biggest conference room in Ruka area having seats up to 250 persons. But if you're seeking a very natural alternative, we can arrange your meeting even in the shade of the forest! What about having a conference in the wild forests of Kuusamo?

We can offer you a data projector, white screen and a flip board. In all of our destinations there is a wifi connection. In Kontioluola there is also a sound system.

Otsolinna is a big, magnificent log-built cottage located very close to Ruka Village. Here you can find accommodation up to 34 persons. 

Category: Restaurants

Welcome to a restaurant hidden deep in the forest, only open for special occasions.

Category: Restaurants

Cozy restaurant in the heart of Iisakki Village. 

Luppolinna offers high-level accommodation for groups. There are 12 twin rooms each equipped with showers and toilets.

Alina’s House is a romantic log house on the shore of lake Rukajärvi.

Wilderness Hotel Papin Talo is located in beautiful country side by the lake Rukajärvi.

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Iisakki Village Reception

Myllylahdentie 4, 93830 Rukatunturi, FINLAND

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