Sauna yoga ® - find yourself in silence

After an active day outside it is good to relax in the warmth of the traditional Finnish sauna. Pampering warmth and gentle seated exercises help relieve the tensions and calm your mind. Sauna Yoga series is a 30-minute exercise that consists of six poses all done seated on a sauna bench in a temperature of about 50 degrees. Sauna Yoga boosts metabolism, reduces stress and helps you sleep better. This is the gentle first touch to a Finnish sauna. For outfit you need bathing suit or short sleeve clothing. Total duration about 1 hour. 

  • Aivoriihi sauna, traditional wood heated sauna for 20 persons
  • Iisakki’s lakeside sauna, traditional wood heated sauna for 15 persons
  • Kontiosauna, 15 persons
  • Our accommodation’s, Otsolinna's and Luppolinna’s saunas for 8 persons.

 45 € / person

You can also have the whole Sauna Experience with Authentic Finnish sauna, ice dipping/lake swimming, hot jacuzzi & saunayoga. 
Price 550 € / group + 20 € / person
Total duration about 3 hours

All our programs can be tailor-made for groups of 6 persons or more.
Prices include pick up in the Ruka area, overall if needed, equipment and liability insurance.
We can also arrange accommodation and full board for your group.

Duration 30 min
Min. group size 6 persons
Price incl. Price includes an authorized instructor of Saunayoga, waterbottles and finally a refreshing juice.
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