Summer Programs

Those who have been in our programmes say that more memorable and good adventures are hard to find. We quarantee that you will experience the best parts of Finland's summer with us.

When the nature dresses up in green you will find yourself in a beautiful and peaceful summer paradise during our programmes. The canyons, rivers, hills and forests will stay in your mind for a very long time. Let the nature inspire you and step into the beautiful adventure.

We offer a wide range of safaries and activities, wheather there are two persons or a group of 500 persons.

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Fishing trip that suits for the whole family.

Open start Monday – Saturday at 14.00

Two-seated RZR -cars will take you an adventure!

Kuusamo, the area where the Lapland begins! Book your package 3 - 7 nights for the wonderful summer of Ruka.

Step in the traditions of Finland and find the super wild food from the nature!

Open start on Sundays at 16.30

Nice combination of outdoor exercise and relaxation in 50 degrees celcius sauna.

Saunayoga is a 30-minute exercise based on different yoga styles and practised in a sauna heated to approximately 50 C degrees.

A full day rafting adventure where we combile the family route and great rapids! K-18!

Open start Mon-Sat at 10.00.

Together with a professional skipper and fishing guide we shoot the seven wonderful rapids and fish at Kitkajoki river.

Open start Mon – Sat at 14.00

Shoot the most challenging rapids in the Kitkajoki river canyon and see the magnificent Jyrävä waterfall in Oulanka National Park. 

Open start Mon – Sat at 10.00

Together with a professional skipper we shoot the seven wonderful rapids of Kitkajoki river on Käylä-Juuma route.

Category: Team Building

Playful olympic games in beautiful Iisakki Village surroundings.

Category: Team Building

There are hidden puzzle pieces inside the Iisakki Village forest. 

Open start Mon – Sat at 10.00.

An unforgettable safari in an Indian canoe in the midst of the beautiful scenery of the river Oulankajoki.

Open start on Mon-Sat at 15.00.
Ask also for a private safari for your group.

Stand on board and enjoy the excercise made in outdoors.

Open start on Mon-Sat 10:00

This safari takes you in the Oulanka National Park, River Oulanka.

Fishing on Kuusamo’s famous brown trout rivers.

Category: Hiking

Guided hiking on the unique route in Oulanka NatGional park. Along the way experience the roar of the great rapids of Kitkajoki river in the rugged wilderness. 

Adventurous summer day is good to ens with tasty local wild food.

The Finnish dream: a wood-heated sauna by the lake.


Open start on Mon-Sat at 14:00
Two-seated RZR-cars will take you to an adventure!

Open starts on Wed at 5pm

Together with our guide we go to a safe hut to spend the evening by watching the bears. Besides bears you may also see other wild animals like eagles. 

The Finnish dream: a wood-heated sauna by the lake. Awarded with the Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience -certificate.

Open start on Mon and Fri at 3pm

This trip takes you to the roots of Finnish lifestyle. 

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